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The long awaited Sushi Park restaurant has opened in the Glenview! No take-out menus are available at this time, but plenty of fish, wasabi and sake for in-house patrons. Tonight, for their grand opening, they’ll stay open until 10 p.m. Below will be their regular hours of operation:

~ chow times ~
11 a.m.–2:30 p.m. weekdays
5 p.m.–9:30 p.m. Mon.–Thu.
5 p.m.–10 p.m. Fri.
11:30 a.m.–10 p.m. Saturday–Sunday

It’s hard to recognize the framing shop that once occupied this space. Nice to see the usual paper lanterns and bamboo that decorate other fave sushi joints like Grand Avenue’s Mijori. This Park Boulevard establishment has a more living room feel, with an intimate din, small tables and walls splashed with color. If I wasn’t headed out of town tomorrow, I’d drop in; looks like I’ll have to wait until Sunday evening.

This is my attempt at an artsy photo. Note the storefront sign, rosy sunset and welcome bouquet…and car parked curb-side, a sign of more traffic undoubtedly due in the Glenview. Guess we’ll all have to walk off the raw fish.

~ Sushi Park ~
4209 Park Blvd.
(510) 336-2388

The green light is on for Sushi Park, the newest addition to the "Gourmet Glenview."

A hand-written note still sticks to the door at 4209 Park Blvd. Its message, saying that PG&E still needs to run an inspection, is thankfully moot.

That’s because Sushi Park owner Zandong Guan said by phone today that the soon-to-be restaurant has passed the test.

“We hope to open at the end of the month,” he said.

For weeks, brown butcher paper has covered the storefront, leaving neighbors to wonder what had happened to the shuttered Design Framing space.

Tony, the manager of the laundromat next door, says he looks forward to the opening. “It will be nice to try the sake,” he said with a smile.

Rice beverages will count for part of the menu at Sushi Park. But hopeful connoisseurs may want to study Beau Timken’s Web site, True Sake. He keeps his “first American sake store” in San Francisco.

In case you haven’t noticed, a new venue has opened its doors in the Dimond district. Lounge 3411 is a new bar and live music hot spot with a new take on Bay tunes. It has a warm ambiance (think pomegranate-colored walls and plush love seats) and a neighborhood feel. Tonight they showcase their monthly “Bands of the Bay” series, which culls together a diverse sampling.

On the play list for tonight is a band named Fancy Dan. Its lead singer has a country swing  (think Cash meets Chris Isaak) and a rockabilly feel. Born in Michigan to a preacher and teacher, Fancy Dan moved out to the Bay to find an audience for his songs and found a thriving music community at San Francisco’s Hotel Utah.

His latest group dynamic—Michael Loebs on guitar, Mark Underwood on bass and Joe Gusich on drums—recorded the band’s second album in December. Rather than travel to Nashville, Tennessee, the site of Fancy Dan’s debut effort, they cut their recent tracks in the neighborhood, at Tiny Telephone.

(band photo)
In the studio with Fancy Dan, Michael Loebs, Mark Underwood and Joe Gusich (courtesy of

“We’re excited about the new album since its a lot different from the first one,” Fancy Dan says. “The sound of the band is evolving and we’re kind of getting away from the country and rockabilly style a bit. There’s still that American music influence for sure, but we’re doing some things that are a little out of our comfort zone.”

Their new tunes are a little less Hank Williams and a little more Ben E. King.

“For this new album I was very interested in blues, soul and R&B and couldn’t stop listening to people like Solomon Burke and Ben E. King when I was writing songs,” he adds. And as always, Fancy Dan mixes current and older sounds to set the tone. The result takes the self-described “humdinger folksinger, country stroller rock-and-roller” to a new level of soul. Like serving up a barbecue steak with a side of fried okra.

In other words: a Bay Area blend.

Get a taste of the Bay tonight, as Fancy Dan joins three other bands to pack Lounge3411. Singer and guitarist Dan (not the Fancy one) Eagan hosts the series.

The details: