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The green light is on for Sushi Park, the newest addition to the "Gourmet Glenview."

A hand-written note still sticks to the door at 4209 Park Blvd. Its message, saying that PG&E still needs to run an inspection, is thankfully moot.

That’s because Sushi Park owner Zandong Guan said by phone today that the soon-to-be restaurant has passed the test.

“We hope to open at the end of the month,” he said.

For weeks, brown butcher paper has covered the storefront, leaving neighbors to wonder what had happened to the shuttered Design Framing space.

Tony, the manager of the laundromat next door, says he looks forward to the opening. “It will be nice to try the sake,” he said with a smile.

Rice beverages will count for part of the menu at Sushi Park. But hopeful connoisseurs may want to study Beau Timken’s Web site, True Sake. He keeps his “first American sake store” in San Francisco.


A white blanket of precipitation enveloped Park Blvd. this morning.

image of the ultimate grounds coffeehouse

This morning shed a little light on Ultimate Grounds.

T.S. Eliot once wrote, “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

His poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” flows as a stream of consciousness. Yet, for most Glenviewers who stumble into the local coffeehouse every morning, caffeine is what they seek to quiet those inner monologues of dreamland.

Located at 4225 Park Blvd., Ultimate Grounds has served untold cups of coffee (and spoons) to neighbors since opening years ago. Last week, the owners changed hands. But the coffeehouse will stay in the family.

Mr. Campbell, who taught at Skyline High School before retiring, and then starting a coffee business, has sold “The Ultimate” to his cousin Sammy Cha. There will be some changes under the new ownership. Ice cream is off the menu but Mr. Cha, who also owns the successful Berkeley Bagels, will serve his specialty New York-style.

“Mr. Campbell and his wife Christina will still help us in running the coffeehouse,” Mr. Shea says. “We’ll still have fresh coffee, and now fresh bagels. Most everything will be the same.”

And yes, that includes free Wi-Fi. With the purchase of some java, your Internet streams flow for free.