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It’s Third Saturday in Oakland, and a new set of live music at Lounge 3411. Bands from all over the Bay bring local talent together for a show you won’t hear on Clear Channel radio. Since its launch in January, the “Bands of the Bay” series has attracted music fans to Lounge 3411, a nearly new bar on the border of the Dimond and Laurel neighborhoods. Even our bridge-weary neighbors who prefer to stay in San Francisco make the trip to Lounge 3411.

Host Dan Eagan scouts the talent for this monthly showcase, and says his inspiration comes from his travels as a musician. He came through Texas in 2007, where he played his guitar at various clubs. He writes:

What moved me to create “Bands of the Bay” was Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, Texas. Music legends Stevie Ray Vaughan and George Strait were discovered here. Another legendary musician, Kent Finlay, hosts a Wednesday night gathering of songwriters, who would try out their original material hoping to hit the big time in Austin or Nashville. That Cheatham Street’s friendly, encouraging, and open creative discourse was something foreign to me. It felt very welcoming as a musician new to town.

In Texas, the musician is an occupation held in high esteem. This is a place where even the bus driver or police officer is working on a new song. Here in the Bay Area, I hope to encourage the same reverence for new music and spread that same encouragement Finlay gave to me.

After years of playing music in Oregon, Colorado, Texas and Wisconsin, I started hosting songwriter showcases in San Francisco and moved the showcase to Lounge 3411 when I returned to my native Oakland. We host full bands instead of acoustic songwriters and with less of an open mic format.

Tonight, Pennsylvania transplants Chris Morelli and Bob Pierce join forces with keyboardist Sarah Matthews to create a soulful sound with the Sarah Matthews band. Tyler Gordon of Falmouth, Massachusetts and his band Red Penny One emulates Ireland’s U2 and Jeremy Goodfeather plays a roots/blues with some western twang. Oakland’s own Caldecott delivers an alternative rock feel. Special guest Dylan Champagne opens the night with a songwriter set reminiscent of the late Elliot Smith.

The details:

Saturday, May 15
9 p.m.
Lounge 3411
3411 MacArthur Blvd.