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Last week the Glenview proved it knows how to garden party. Just in time for May 1, neighbors planted day lilies and carpet roses on the Park Boulevard median.

Glenview neighbors came out for the Median Strip Clean-Up on April 24. A few dozen GlenFriends, the Glenview Neighborhood Association board members and students from Edna Brewer Middle School came out in honor of Earth Day:

Marie, Viola, Christian and Delana gather with other green-thumbers at 8:30 a.m. and weeded, swept and planted until noon.

A City of Oakland truck packing mulch rolled up to the Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church at 8:30 a.m. last Saturday.

The city also lent a few employees to help clean and haul out the cuttings.

Meet Theresa, City of Oakland employee and median queen.

The City of Oakland also lent gloves, jackets and rakes. Some of the city's tools were lovingly labeled by Michael Hunt, aid to City Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente and District 5 superhero.

Dandelions and deeply rooted weeds had raided the garden beds.

Carol gardens with some students from Edna Brewer Middle School. The building stands on the busy stretch of 13th Ave. and Park Blvd. and becomes a tough spot for pick-up after school.

In an effort to make 13th Ave. a one-way road part of the time, Edna Brewer's principal Sam Pasarow is "requesting the city’s help in changing the traffic pattern on 13th Avenue." Here he looks on as music students perform at the potluck.

Music program director Zack Pitt-Smith conducts the band from Edna Brewer Middle School, who later enjoyed a few donated slices from Pastino's Pasta & Pizza.

The Glenview's new Captain Paul Figueroa of the Oakland Police Department drops by to meet the neighbors.

The GNA president Bob initially asked the city to turn on the drip water system a few days ahead of Earth Day but due to rains, this precaution was unnecessary. Shut down for the winter, the drip system will turn back on for the warmer months. He used the GNA's media strip fund and donations from the Friends of Park & Recreation to purchase the carpet roses and day lilies.

Today the colors on the median sparkled from their trimmed, earthern beds.

More photos coming soon to…